nerd alert

I faithfully read for game news and reviews, so when I saw they had posted their Best of 2008 game list, I was excited in the pants. I’ve played a scary number of the games that were nominated in each of their 22 DS categories, but this post isn’t about my illicit behaviour that I learned from watching you, okay.

Instead, I am letting you know that I am beyond excited and filled with glee to note that The World Ends With You was nominated in 6 categories, and won 4 of them including DS Game of the Year. HOORAY! I love it when things I love win awards and stuff!

There was another nerdgasm when I learned that TWEWY was nominated for Best RGP at the Spike Video Game awards. It lost to Fallout 3 (which is probably the only game in the category that I would agree was better), but I was still happy to see it up there.

I was extremely surprised to see that Crosswords DS won the Best Puzzle Game category over another of my favourites, Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I have both, and didn’t think much of the crossword game. I’m really picky when it comes to word games, and I thought the Nintendo crossword game was a little too basic (which didn’t stop me from playing several thousand rounds of anagram puzzles).

This post in which I bitched about the existence of what is now one of my favourite games of all time is highly amusing to me.


emo raaaaage!

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