Tall, gorgeous, statuesque women are really frickin’ annoying.

The account rep for one of our vendors at the Lab is just that, and I’ve been hearing about her physical charms every time the topic comes up (which is surprisingly often). We recently had to switch to a different company, so she’s been trying to win back our business. I got to meet her today, and it was highly amusing –  and as a short fat feminist nerd with unfortunate Thursday hair, eye rolling and disgusting – to watch her flirt with my boss and my German in an attempt to get them behind her plan of making my life a living hell. Unfortunately for her, the short fat nerd girl with bad hair is, while not immune to the physical charms of an admittedly lovely lady, more interested in NOT increasing the work load of her staff (and is also not into tall blonde supermodels with French accents). While she was busy making my German blush at her outright plea of “is there anything I can do to get your business back?”, I was drinking it in and being smug about it all – so *that’s* how pretty people get their way. Huh. How ‘bout that.

I shot down her points and countered them with my own. I may not be gorgeous, but I know routers!

You know, I don’t think I won this round after all.

7 thoughts on “immunity

  1. *snorts with derision* That’s because you weren’t thiking with your “South Brain”. While you *could* be swayed by her charms, if you so desired that variety, you didn’t suffer the physiological deficit of losing much of your blood flow from your North Brain to your South Brain… know what I mean? Yeah, I thought so.

    Some of us DO find smart always trumps bimbo (and it doesn’t hurt that you’re also really hot). :) Nothing wrong with showing us your cleavage, however, just to clarify!

  2. I bet your cleavage was way better than her cleavage. Actually, I’m not sure how it couldn’t be. If you didn’t have your wit, you could’ve countered with your boobs!

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