good morning starshine

Every single overhead light in the Lab was on this morning.

We are nocturnal nerds, and we like to work in the dark. Imagine my shock and dismay when I came into work this morning to see every single fluorescent light on – this lighting does nothing for my complexion, or my head because I get stupid migraines when forced to work under fluorescents. Luckily, they were all turned due to the fixtures being replaced and as I whine, a man with a ladder is coming around and removing bulbs for those people who prefer to work by radar and braille.

Josh introduced us to a delicious Japanese candy called Puccho, and on Sunday we were delighted to discover a cache of previously undiscovered Puccho flavours at the Japanese store on Robson. We stocked up and traded flavours, basking in the chewy goodness. There is no English on the wrapper, so we had to determine the flavour based on the pictures on the labels:

delicious puccho!

delicious puccho!

I haven’t tried most of these yet, but near as I can tell we have:

  • White
  • Horseback-Riding Strawberry
  • Peach
  • Babushka Orange
  • Fish-Squirting Pea
  • Sherlock Blueberry
  • Ski Jumping Apple
  • Horrific Oozing Monster
  • Elvis

Not shown: Patriotic Banana, Grape


Oh, and I got my wallet back. The retrieval was .. odd. I have it back though, and that’s all that matters. So what if I feel a pressing need to double-bolt my door? It’s all good. Wallet is safe and stapled to my person, and that is all that’s important.

Happy Obama Day, everyone!

6 thoughts on “good morning starshine

  1. I’m intrigued with the fish-squirting pea flavour; do tell us how it is.

    Yay, Obama day! Do you think it will be one of those ‘where were you when…?’ days?

    I watched from the comfort of my bed, I have to say. Oh, and I let my newly 17 year old son miss his study block to watch it at home with me. Probably a better use of his time…

  2. There is a brand our local Asian grocier carries called Hi!Chew which are super, too. The peach, melon, grape, and strawberry are all spectacular.

    There is nothing even parallel to a fish-squirting pea, though. Is that as nasty as it sounds? Do tell!

  3. Oddly enough, according to Google this is the only web page in existence with the phrase “horrific oozing monster” written upon it.

    Which thrashes my dreams of purchasing a similarly-flavored popsicle :{

    …and simultaneously gives me yet another idea for a genius product that I’ll never follow up on. Hmm…

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