selling out for fun, not profit

I’ve tried for a very long time to hold fast my morals and scruples and ethics, but at the end of the day all it gets me is a smug sense of self-imagined superiority and no fun toys. I don’t make any money off my website and will continue to stand firm and proud in my clearance bin pants and ramen noodles, but as of today I will officially be accepting products from various companies in exchange for a review or shout out.

I’ve done this in the past, of course, but on a more discreet scale. For some reason I’ve always felt slightly awkward about placing the Delicious Juice Stamp of Approval on things for fear of selling out to the man, but when you really look at it, who the hell is ever going to look for my personal thumbs up before they try something? I’m usually awash with false modesty, but let’s be realistic here: no one reads my website to learn about advances in personal gadgetry; they come for the hardcore nudity and swearing and also for the flow charts.

I feel that I must stress – probably needlessly, but I didn’t become a millionaire on my ability to hold things in – that my words will not change in any way. My style is still very much my own, regardless of what I’m writing about. Mops or boobs, fabric softener or scooters – it’s all Kimli, all the time. I don’t feel any sort of pressure for or against saying things like “this frozen creamed spinach is fucking awesome; I would totally have sex with it if I was ever in the mood to have carnal relations with leafy plants from Nepal” or to stop making broad sweeping generalizations with sly references to Star Trek and comic books I read once when I was 11. It’s all good. It just means I have a few more mystery packages on the way.

You’ll still love me if I sell out a little bit, right?

11 thoughts on “selling out for fun, not profit

  1. A company offered me $25 to link to them if I bought a product and then they never paid up. ‘WARE the cheapskate companies! It does not good to sell out if you don’t even get cash.

    • That’s just it though – I’m not selling out for cash; I’ve sold out for THINGS. Things I could buy myself but probably won’t. Things that I’ve always wanted to try, like going to the opera! I am a sellout for experiences, be they commercial or .. uh .. brainular. I don’t want cash; I get cash from my job and Ed’s night stand when he’s not looking.

  2. I keep telling you that you need to put your Amazon wishlist in a prominent place here somewhere. Not selling out is so hipster now that it’s kind of selling out, so by selling out now you’re saying a big Fuck You to the Man.

  3. Kim, you aren’t selling out by any means. It sounds like you got yourself a good review deal in the works. Sponsors give you products in exchange for reviews. So long as your reviews remain honest your golden. Now, if you give a shit product a favorable review just because they chose to sponsor you, now that would be selling out.

  4. I usually only purchase video games if you’ve given them your personal thumbs up… heehee! And thanks for all the great recommendations!!!

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