so hey redux



River is awesome.

River is, of course, Ali and Doug’s daughter. She’s also virtually the only child I am not afraid of, because she is frickin’ hilarious. Ed hasn’t seen River since she was around 9 months old, so we were long overdue for a visit.

Unfortunately, Sasha’s condition makes it pretty impossible to leave her alone for a weekend. We wracked our brains trying to make the original weekend plans feasible – a concert on Friday night followed by a weekend hanging out with Doug and Ali – but we just didn’t want to risk Sasha’s health and the amount of trouble Lemon would get into if left alone for an entire weekend. Compounding things were the series of time-sensitive errands I needed to run in the US – namely returning or exchanging things purchased last month, before the statute of consumer limitations expired.

We (okay, I) finally came up with a workable plan: as Sasha’s ultrasound was postponed until February 2nd (highly contagious disease + cats = no animals  allowed in vet until weekend is past + traveling radiologist = reschedule) AND we had already taken the time off for our mini adventure, we would cram an entire weekend’s worth of fun into one very long day. We set out just after 9am and made our way south, stopping in at the usual haunts and having lunch at the best Mexican place in the west, Mi Mexico. We continued down the I-5, completing the To-Do list in record time. Then it was off to Ali’s place to hang out for the evening, opting to skip the concert and instead spend some much-needed time with old friends. I think we made an excellent choice, as we had a great deal of fun and River was in fine spirits, providing hilarious entertainment value for the entire evening. Doug treated us to dinner, we played some Rock Band, and around 10:30 we hit the road to return home. We got in just after 1am, tired but happy.

Ali’s explained it once before on her blog, but River has this little joke she plays where she’ll start boo-hooing and sniffling a little, then stop and announce “I FAKE CRY!” and laugh her head off. Don’t forget, this child is two months shy of 2 years old. She faked crying for a bit, then changed it up – she let loose a hearty HA! HA! HA! then followed it up with “I FAKE LAUGH!”. We were in tears – it’s probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, and as such deserved a tribute post. Here’s to River’s continued hilarity!

Thank you all for the pill-feeding suggestions! I’ll try them out and see what works. I have to go medicate Sasha now, so wish me luck.

One thought on “so hey redux

  1. Ohh! I went to Mi Mexico when I was down in WA last! It was AWESOME! I had the most MASSIVE plate of food for maybe $10 US and it was dinner and lunch the next day…

    PLUS I had a cheapo Pina Colada that totally got me drunk; man, was it strong! I think it had like 3 or 4 ounces of rum in it…

    Illie was with me and he had something with chicken in it. We esitmated it contained a couple of POUNDS of really good (so he says, I’m a veggie) chicken in it – again, just massive!

    Now I’m drooling! Me want Mi Mexico!!!

    Good luck with Sasha! I hope you’re all in once, un-sliced and diced piece.

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