bloggin’ the opera

It’s Opera Night!

I am all ready to be cultured and fabulous for the evening. Last night I prepared my Opera-Going Kit – a change of clothes (my new slinky black dress from Bodacious, my lucky bra, “high” heeled shoes, a tiara [I wasn’t kidding; I’m going to wear a tiara], and a necklace that invites you to inspect my cleavage), my MacBook, my camera, business cards, and a flask of Diet Coke. I am all set! I can’t wait – I’ve never been to an opera OR the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, so my Tuesday will be full of exciting new experiences.

The Vancouver Opera is doing a lot of really neat things to bring opera to the masses. In addition to this inaugural Blogger Night, they’ve released a series of manga comics (click on read, then manga at the bottom of the grey menu bar) based on various shows, some of which have been or are going to be performed by the Vancouver Opera. I fully confess to being a complete opera newb – I know what Carmen is, of course, but not how it all plays out. Reading through the comics gave me a better understanding of the stories behind some famous operas, and it was fun to recognize the plots as the inspirations for some of my favourite things. After all, what is RENT but an updated version of La Bohème?

Tonight’s event is getting a lot of press, too. We got a mention on CBC Radio 2’s blog, a post on Opera Chic, a couple of articles on the Vancouver Opera blog (and oh my god how hilarious is it to see my oranges used in an official manner like that – I’m almost sorry about the whole boob thing, but not really), and a sprinkling of updates all around the web. Since we’ll be blogging at the event, you can keep tabs on what goes on before, during and after a performance: I’ll be joined by Miss 604, Netchick, and Ami from Beyond Robson. Each of us has our own distinct style of writing, and I’ll link all the updates from tonight and tomorrow. Should be neat to see what each of us take away from tonight’s performance of Carmen!

boooooobs. (photo by Tim Matheson)

boooooobs. (photo by Tim Matheson)

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