not quite what i had in mind

I received a huge package at work today. It was unexpected, according to my iPhone (I keep an ongoing list of things I am expecting in the mail on my phone because I am just that anal retentive), so that automatically made it exciting. Given my previous post whining about needing some fun and stimulation, I fervently hoped that this box would contain just the thing I needed to shake myself from this perpetual, confusing fog.

Unfortunately, things rarely work out the way I envision them:

not exciting.

not exciting.

It would seem that I have been fated to clean all weekend, instead of experiencing life at its fullest.

How disappointing.

Still, the giant box of cleaning goods will come in handy. Sasha insists upon depositing horrible fluids all over our floor, and there are some questionable stains that I will attempt to remove with the help of those magic erasers.

I suppose this is pure karmic hilarity, though: I had a tantrum last week demanding, among other things, more magic in my life.

Very funny, universe.

7 thoughts on “not quite what i had in mind

  1. The only good product in that pile is the magic erasers. If you want your floor to be clean, ditch the chemical/pad dependency and get yourself an H2O mop, as seen on TV. Yes, I have one, and yes, it works like they say. Since it takes only water and the pads are washable, it’s paid for itself long ago. We sold the wetjet for $2 at a gar(b)age sale.

    Sigh. I am too domestic.

  2. Maybe I’m missing something, but I too want to know how one gets a package like that shipped to them at work. Mind you, if I did get something like that I’d probably be expected to use the stuff and clean or something…

  3. Three things are needed to clean almost everything in the house:

    1) Baking soda
    2) vinegar
    3) effort

    The effort is the tough one for most of us.

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