memetastic tuesday

Facebook appears to have exploded in memes lately, and since I am bored out of my sick little mind I thought I’d do some of them.

25-Song Shuffle

  1. Sister Havana – Urge Overkill
  2. La Vie Boheme – The Original Broadway Cast of RENT
  3. Kids in America – The Donnas
  4. Split Second Time – Masia One
  5. Plea – Say Anything
  6. Misery Business – Paramore
  7. Schweine – Glukoza
  8. It’s a Metaphor, Fool – Say Anything
  9. Dreaming of You – The Coral
  10. Shake of the Otaku – MC Frontalot
  11. Pull Over – Trina
  12. Transformers Theme – Black Lab
  13. Hallelujah – Vitamin String Quartet
  14. No Heart – Dance Hall Crashers
  15. Cockroaches – Me Mom & Morgentaler
  16. Don’t Mug Yourself – The Streets
  17. First Orgasm – Dresden Dolls
  18. Wake Up Exhausted – Tegan and Sara
  19. Honeybear – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  20. Slide – Dresden Dolls
  21. We Walk – The Ting Tings
  22. Screenwriter’s Blues – Soul Coughing
  23. Cemetery Drive – My Chemical Romance
  24. Whereabouts Unknown – Rise Against
  25. Red Flag – Billy Talent

I appear to listen to a lot of bands with female singers. It’s curious that only 3 cover songs showed up on this list; I listen to a lot of stuff that aren’t by the original artists. There’s also a lack of Japanese video game music on here, although Russian video game music makes an appearance so I suppose that’s okay.

25 Additional Items

I’ve been tagged for this stupid list at least a dozen times all AFTER I did the list last month. Here’s an additional 25 things, because I am just that bored:

  1. We’re driving to San Francisco in May, and I can’t wait
  2. Every time I see a pug my insides cry a little
  3. I really wish I hadn’t read Twilight
  4. .. but not for the reasons you think
  5. I found a picture of my mother at 24, and was startled to realize that I have her mouth
  6. The tattoo on the back of my neck was poorly done, and I’m thinking about covering it up with a larger piece later this year
  7. When I have allergy attacks, the black ink in my tattoos get puffy and itchy – like right now!
  8. I feel guilty for not being at the office today even though my throat feels like sandpaper and my head is throbbing
  9. I collect pins and keep them in a glass candy jar on my desk
  10. When I was little (like, 14) I wanted more than anything in the universe to have super powers
  11. That desire has not gone away
  12. I fear getting old, and I’m desperately afraid I’m already there
  13. It’s surprisingly difficult to do this list a second time
  14. I totally want to rent Pay Per Boner porn, but Ed won’t let me saying he can download FREE porn and we can watch it on the Xbox; a poor substitution for a number of reasons he doesn’t understand
  15. Shopping with Miranda on Saturday was a success; I bought three identical shirts in different colours
  16. Every time my boobs hurt, I think I have breast cancer
  17. I’m convinced that I will be diagnosed with breast cancer one day
  18. I haven’t had any Diet Coke today at all, which might explain why I’m feeling so thirsty and tired
  19. I’m addicted to Shockwave games and look forward to seeing the new releases every Tuesday
  20. I was planning on scooting into work today when I woke up half dead
  21. Lemon is adorable, but he is a complete bastard
  22. I really need to finish Fallout 3 so I can start playing Prince of Persia again
  23. There’s something going on every weekend this month except for the last weekend; I think we might go to Victoria then
  24. I cannot friggin’ wait until the DSi is released
  25. It’s taken me over an hour to get this far – if anyone tags me for an additional 25, I will flip them off

Alphabet Soup

  • What is your name: Kimli
  • A four letter word: kart
  • A boy’s name: Kyle
  • A girl’s name: Kandace
  • An occupation: Kindergarten teacher
  • A color: kelly (green)
  • Something you wear: khakis
  • A food: kiwi
  • Something found in the bathroom: Kleenex
  • A place: Kentucky
  • A reason for being late: Klan sighting :(
  • Something you shout: (mortal) KOMBAT!
  • A movie title: K-Pax
  • Something you drink: Kahlua
  • A musical group: King Missile
  • An animal: Komodo dragon
  • A street name: Keith Road
  • A type of car: K-Car (a nice reliant automobile)
  • The title of a song: Killing in the Name

That’s all I could find, and it’s just as well – all this thinking has made my headache worse.

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