please take me seriously

I may never know what makes me do those things I do.

I’m trying to write some documentation at work, and I know I’ve written something on it before I so go digging through my folders for old files. I find something I’d apparently written on the topic last February, so I open it up to see if it might help:

VOIP Training Outline


  • What is VOIP?
  • Why would someone want it?


  • What is required?
  • What connections are installed to run VOIP?
  • What equipment is used?
  • What information is the end user provided with?


  • What do we support?
  • What kinds of questions will be asked?
  • Should I know how to program the entire handset?
  • When should I escalate?

Catastrophe Actions:

  • What do I do when giant lizards take over the city?
  • When should I call the VOIP Mothership for assistance?

.. seriously, what the hell. Why do I DO things like that? And why am I so very amused at my own misdeeds that I will probably never stop?

3 thoughts on “please take me seriously

  1. the same reason why, since i was 16, i have been adding “buy a *new car* for michelle” to the end of my mother’s grocery and to-do lists … the car modle changes as the years pass, but i still entertain myself by doing it!

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