11 thoughts on “for science

  1. Things I had when I was 12 or 13 that I still have (and wear/use):

    1. Hair barrettes with my name on them
    2. A Power Rangers t-shirt
    3. Long flowing hippy skirts (3)
    4. Doc Martens boots (not the same ones I wore at 13, though. Those ones wore out a few years ago…)
    5. An army jacket
    6. A headband (they’re back!)
    7. A VHS copy of Pump Up the Volume

  2. Way back when I took statistics it was hammered in to us that a sample size of n<10 is pretty much useless. Therefore you must wear your rainbow toe socks for at least 10 Tuesdays to generate enough data to be significant.

  3. Not to throw a wrench in it, but that’s reallt n<30. Btu we also shouldn’t confuse [lack of] statistical significance with [lack of] substantive significance.

  4. I am in admiration that you can wear them all day. I have a similar pair and they feel too weird in between my toes. Maybe I need to keep wearing them until that feeling stops?

  5. OMG. Rainbow socks… total squee. Sock Dreams? I can’t even *go* there. (runs off to nuzzle large collection of mostly stripey socks, lovingly)

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