this just in: i’m *not* stunningly gorgeous

Well, shit: a new scientific study on beauty shows that people seem to think they are far more attractive than the humdrum reality.

In fact, findings from a recent study by Nicholas Epley and Erin Whitchurch suggest that most people unconsciously overinflate their own physical appearance. In a well-controlled series of experiments published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Epley and Whitchurch took photos of undergraduate students with a neutral facial expression, invited these same students back to the laboratory two to four weeks later, and simply asked them to identify their actual face out of an assortment of eleven possible images. But here’s the really clever part. These other images were in fact the actual face morphed to varying degrees with either an extremely attractive gender-matched composite face or unattractive targets suffering from craniofacial syndrome.

This is definitely a blow to my ego. I mean, I was already convinced that – all tongue-in-cheek comments aside – I was barely fit to walk this earth given my numerous deformities and inability to be photographed looking anything close to human, but now I find out that in all likelihood, I am actually UGLIER than I had originally thought. Fuck! This is not what I needed right now. I was already having trouble deciding what to wear tonight and now I need to find a matching paper bag? This is just not my Thursday.

We ugly people need to band together. Who’s with me? Fuck your fascist beauty standards, anyway!  Not even my MOM thinks I’m pretty!

I’ll never be one of the cool kids. :(

8 thoughts on “this just in: i’m *not* stunningly gorgeous

  1. Now that’s just silly talk. You are a pretty lady!

    Even I don’t think I look all that great, and I’ve been told by several people that I’m somewhat handsome ( not that I ever really believe them. Been a uncool kid too long to believe stuff like that )

  2. But…beauty is in the eye of the beholder! In the matters of getting laid, it doesn’t matter what you think of yourself…as long as someone ELSE finds you sex-ay. Right?

  3. that’s a load of horsepuckey, dear. i agree with sean above. you’re a purty lady. and c’mon, you scoots, is all levels of kickassery with the games and blogs like no one’s biz-ness…i’d say you’re very cool.

  4. Ha! I’m not one to stroke egos, but you’ve certainly had your share of good looking/nice/normal guys waiting in line.

    Even you can’t deny that.

    Sorry if Ed didn’t know. :)

  5. I think you’re delusional in that you don’t know how fantastic your rack is, due to head-chest angle.

    I know I’m not overinflating my looks, because I *know* my penis is huge.

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