regular type

It feels weird to not be live blogging something, but after three solid days of posting my every vapid thought as it occurs, it’s almost soothing to go back to the basics.

I’m pretty freaked out by my cold/flu thing. I’ve been sick since friggin’ Tuesday, and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight. There are only two things making me feel mildly upbeat about it all:

  • I only get sick like this every two years, if that
  • this stupid thing seems to be morphing daily

The last two days I’ve been unable to breathe because of congestion, but this morning things seem to have settled into my chest and I’m also dopey as all hell. This is a new development to be sure, and hopefully the last stage – where else can this thing go? I’ll take a cough and sexy whiskey-soaked voice over the other 9 symptoms I’ve had, any day.

One of the cats – I don’t want to point fingers, but Lemon is a bastard – managed to open iTunes and start a playlist on my laptop in the living room. Getting out of bed to investigate and turn off the music took most of my energy, so it’s clearly time to go back to sleep. I have some exciting news to share that I’ve been saving for a moment of lucidity (silent or otherwise – hey there, 1990’s prog metal flashback), so here’s hoping I’m better soon so I can do it some justice.

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