opera blogging: redux

I am delighted to announce that I most likely did not make an utter fool of myself at the opera, and as such, have been invited back to attend the opening night performance of Rigoletto on March 7th.

There is excitement, and it is large and throbbing.

MORE OPERA! The first Vancouver Opera Blogger Night was a big success, so they’re doing it again. I’m thrilled that I get to attend another performance, and write about it at the same time – seeing Carmen was a spectacular treat, and I am beyond honoured that the awesome folks at the Vancouver Opera are bringing me back to check out Rigoletto.

I know I’m an excitable creature by nature, but being able to partake in a fancy sort of fun fills me with a warm glowing warming glow and also a bursting vocabulary. Every person should treat themselves to a Night at the Theatre at least once – if not as often as possible – and I am really looking forward to this. If I was an Opera Newb before, it’s even more pronounced this time – I was at least familiar with the story behind Carmen, but Rigoletto is entirely new to me.

I read through the Rigoletto Manga and the wiki write up, and the story looks to be right up my alley: Misshapen jesters! Ominous curses! Blindfolds! People in cages! A girl sitting on a crescent moon! Partial nudity and suggestive scenes! All of these things are awesome.

I can’t wait for the 7th. I have just under two weeks to come up with an even more cleavagey dress than last time, something that shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge. I’ve already done the tiara bit, though. Perhaps it’s time to invest in some sort of boa.

This Blogger Night will be bigger than the last, too. In addition to my own irrelevant words, I’ll be joined by:

Also, how hilarious is it that I am the only one on the list who didn’t provide a last name. When I saw the list, I gave it some serious thought – perhaps it’s time I drop the pretenses of anonymity and give forth my last name to the internet at large – but then I realized it was far more funny to do the whole “one name only” thing, like Cher or Madonna or Fabio. In fact, that’s how it’s going to be. I am Kimli. I have no need for secondary names.

Because Ling is so very awesome, there’s actually going to be one other person at the opera that night: they’re letting me bring a guest, and I’m bringing Miranda. She’ll be an unofficial blogger at the opera and my date for the evening. Really, the only way this whole thing could be even more exciting is if they let me bring along a partner in crime and since that is covered, I am pretty much beside myself with glee.

Stay tuned for more developments as we get closer to opening night, including such fascinating details as what I will be wearing and which laptop I am going to be bringing with me.

DUDE I should totally invest in a Fancy Opera Laptop Bag. Preferably one with sequins.

3 thoughts on “opera blogging: redux

  1. I find it kind of odd that I wasn’t invited along to this. I mean, I do have a music degree and all, so I can talk all intellectual about the singing and stuff.

    On the other hand, I avoided opera as much as possible in music school. I just don’t have the attention span for long performances.

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