full frontal disclosure

I’m sort of famous!

The Georgia Straight interviewed me a week or so back about the upcoming Blogger Night at the Opera. The article posted last night, and I’m quoted and sounding all silly. Check it out and bask in my faint glow of notoriety! As an added bonus, my oft-disguised last name is bared for all to see – let the stalking begin!

I’m really getting excited about Saturday’s performance. We’ve been warned that while Carmen had a scene with live cigarettes on stage, Rigoletto has nudity, suggestive scenes, a cage, and a girl who dies in a sack. How awesome is that? I absolutely cannot wait. Girls in sacks! CAGES! An opera that almost never was – Paris authorities shut down the play it was based on after the opening performance in 1832 because of the immoral themes, and the opera’s writers were debased for their “repellant immorality and obscene triviality”. I am nothing if not repellant, immoral and obscene so this is going to speak to me on so many levels.

There’s an article in today’s Vancouver Sun that shows just some of these cages I am so excited about. There are clowns in them, which is an excellent thing to put in cages.

Of the utmost importance is the fact that I’ve decided what I’m going to wear on Saturday night. I got some fishnet stockings last week that I’ve been dying to put to good use, and an obscene immoral opera performance is pretty much the best reason ever.

I still have some coupons for a free bottle of Herbal Essences Hydralicious Shampoo or Conditioner, so if you want one or have already haiku’d your way to one, please email me your snail mail address (kimli at delicious juice dot com) and I’ll send a coupon over. Contrary to the name (and my eternal disappointment), the shampoo really has nothing to do with nine-headed sea serpents – actually, it smells pretty damn good. I’m using the purple one, and it smells kind of glorious – a definite welcome change from my utilitarian-yet-charmless hair puck that does the job but doesn’t give me orgasms of any kind.

I swapped out my incredibly awesome yet nearly invisible Shure earphones for a pair of giant bright green headphones at work so people could tell I was listening to music and could not hear them calling me, but it’s not working. Do I need a neon sign or something? How can you possibly not know that these huge green things are headphones and not just a terrible fashion statement? Yeesh.

Okay, working now.

One thought on “full frontal disclosure


    I’d like to think I have the patience to sit through an opera, but the truth is that dramatic fiction just doesn’t do it for me. Not even in pornographic form…

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