the only option

My beloved second-hand yellow and purple Fluevogs are in dire straights – the heart-shaped heels are broken and keep coming off. Clearly, my only option is to buy some brand new Fluevogs!

Actually, I really want THESE. And these. In fact, I could get them both for less than the price of a new pair of Fluevogs and then I would be the coolest girl in the universe.

How horribly tempting.

3 thoughts on “the only option

  1. I wish I could wear Docs but my feet are too narrow. Unless they’ve changed their shapes; I guess it’s been over a decade since I tried those on.

    Neat designs, though.

  2. I thought fluevogs were repairable and stuff? Like, the kind of shoe you could take to a cobbler and get fixed? Which is not to say that you shouldn’t get new shoes in the meantime.

  3. Docs are shit since they went bankrupt and sold the brand name to a shitty Chinese manufacturer. You’re better off getting the Fluevogs repaired.

    Just sayin’.

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