step one: we can have lots of fun

File this one under horrible ideas:

Would you like some public humiliation with your public transit? There’s a series of bus stops in Amsterdam that will weigh you as you wait for the bus and display it on the wall next to you. It’s supposed to “let you know when it’s time to lose a few pounds”.

Right. What a great way to a) make people avoid taking transit and b) ruin someone’s day. Fat people *know* they’re fat. They don’t need it broadcasted for everyone to see and judge. The next time I’m in Amsterdam, you can be sure I won’t be taking any busses – that’ll show them. Never mind the fact that I’ve never been to the Netherlands, have no plans to be in the area any time soon, and don’t take public transit even when I’m not threatened with a particularly nasty wakeup call – I am making a stand against this terrible idea. It’s just .. mean.

It’s no secret that I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Ed’s scooter, Ronnie James Dio. I’ll concede that it’s been performing admirably for the last while, but the amount of hassle he/we had with it since literally the day he got it made me angry in the pants on a weekly basis. I’ve often questioned why Ed had to be different (and difficult) and go with a rebuilt 2-stroke scooter from 1990 instead of a shiny new 4-stroke that wouldn’t break all the time, but he insisted that his ride was awesome and we were just jealous of the amount of time he spent in the repair shop.

It’s all a lie, though. I know EXACTLY why Ed went with the Honda Dio:

Speaking of scooters, it’s looking like the Lo-Fi Scooter Workshop is going to be on the 12th of April (assuming the weather cooperates). You should come by. It’ll be heaping wads of fun!

4 thoughts on “step one: we can have lots of fun

  1. After watching that commercial I’m definitely buying Honda. Maybe it will make me look cool and dance like that.

    Anyways, Amsterdam? Seriously? I’m pretty skinny and I don’t want my weight advertised either. Whoever came up with that idea can walk through doors which display their penis size for all.

    Also, everyone I know from Holland is really tall and skinny. Bad enough for our body images just being around them.

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