blast cast from the past (at last)

My anal buddy Mike asked me if I could hunt down an old match I covered –  Luniz vs Daler, Q3 1v1 – and stick it online somewhere so Luniz could relive some past glory. I found the recording – I seem to have kept all all my casts on my backup drive – so I put the file on my web bucket for downloadings. If you want to take a listen and experience the good old days of online video game tournament coverage, have at it.

It’s always weird to listen to yourself, but it’s a triple trip to listen to yourself and not recognize your own voice. The file downloaded to my work computer and then I was called away – when I came back and put my headphones on, I was babbling away in my own ears and it wasn’t until I heard myself say “This is DeeAy with Radio iTG” that I realized what the hell I was listening to.

Holy shit, do I ever miss game casting. I miss the action, the excitement, the insane hours I spent behind a microphone. I miss knowing what’s going on in the community and watching the tournament ladders. I miss attending events. I miss having a legitimate excuse to talk that fast. I miss trillian and travelyan and WaCK and the rest of the capital-letter-abusing team.

I sound pretty damn good in this cast. Go me, back then.

Oh, and this is an awesome match to listen to – both Luniz and Daler were (are) incredible players, and I have a special guest caster in cl0ck who is a great player himself.

Fuck, this is making me want to run home and play some Q3 and yell out to the living room what I’m doing as I do it. Maybe I’ll get some more of those old casts online so I can relive my own glory days whenever I’d feeling particularly reminiscent.

6 thoughts on “blast cast from the past (at last)

  1. I’ll admit to periodically finding myself spectating pubs in UT3 and sort of mentally shoutcasting to myself and trying to find dramatic camera angles and whatnot…

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