cultured necrophilia

Despite my pleading and shameless use of naked boobs as a weapon, Ed and his Constitution of Steel recovered from his Bacon Lung enough to go on his business trip. He left for Toronto this morning at 5am, and by way of saying goodbye, I poked him in the teeth. We are an unusual couple.

I will not have time to fret this weekend, as it is the BUSIEST WEEKEND EVER. Tomorrow night I get to attend the opening of the Vancouver Opera’s production of Salome, and I am excited – I’ve never had an excuse to write about necrophilia before!

Sunday I’ll be at Got Craft all day, selling my wares. I’m almost ready – I’ve crafted all that I can craft with the supplies at hand, I have a wee display set up, and most of my goods are organized for scooter transport. I just need to make a sign or two and I should be set. It’s all for fun, so I’m not too worried but it’d be nice to sell some stuff. Last night I made myself a Purl Necklace with the last of my wire, and I seem to have made it in Canuck colours – go team! I have spirit, yes I do! I have spirit, how about you?

Speaking of Opera, if you’ve been waiting for your chance to check out the awesome now’s your chance – the Vancouver Opera is offering a two-for-one ticket deal for Salome. It’s the last opera of the season, and if the other two performances I’ve seen have been any indication, it’s going to be amazing. If you want to go – and I absolutely think you should; everyone should see an opera at least once – call 604-683-0222 with promo code 1833. It’s good for all performances, so you have four chances to see Salome do the deed with a dead guy. Hooray!

a mess of purl necklaces

a mess of purl necklaces


go sea-whales go!

4 thoughts on “cultured necrophilia

  1. “poked him in the teeth” sounds incredibly dirty, but I don’t think “poke” will ever be a redeemable word in my eyes after Facebook stole the term for awkward sexual repression.

    Got Craft sounds pretty awesome, I hope I have time to check it out since I missed the Etsy shenanigans a while ago.

  2. OMG Kimli I love love love your purl’d necklaces! And if you have any left after tomorrow, particularly a pink or green one, I’d love to buy one from you! Let me know & good luck tomorrow!! :))

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