road trip: day two


We left the sprawling mecca of Reedsport at 8:30 after a quick continental breakfast in the hotel lobby. I had forgotten that I don’t like blueberry bagels halfway through eating it, but I made the best of my horrible situation. We had a long drive ahead of us, so we fueled up and set off.

As we drove through Coos Bay (hee hee) we noticed that “OCEAN VIEW” had been painted in huge white letters up a little hill to the side. We hadn’t planned on stopping, but my curiosity got the better of me and we drove up the small hill. Holy shit, what a view – it was amazing, and it was deserted. We hung out for a few minutes taking pictures and throwing clumps of grass into the wind, then turned to go back to our car. As we did, several other cars pulled up. A shout rang out from one of them – “HEY! Is that a Pentax there?”

Um? Confused, I nodded and said it was a Pentax K200. Turns out the shout came from a professional photographer from Charleston Oregon who was excited because he *never* sees other people shooting with Pentax. He was thrilled – so much so that he offered me a lens. ! I trotted back to his car with him, and he fished out a 2X teleconverter for me! He showed me how to use it, and after convincing me that it was really okay and he didn’t need it, we exchanged cards and went on our way. WOOOO! Free camera gear! I was completely blown away by his generosity, and after finding out that he and his wife were planning on coming to Vancouver next year for the Olympics, I told him to drop me a line if he needed anything. I’m fairly certain that only I could drive through the US and stop at a random view point because the paint told me to and end up being offered free equipment complete with a lesson, but that is okay with me.

Delighted, Ed and I giggled all the way to our next stop down the road to take some more pictures. I’m going to have fun with the teleconverter!

More driving. In fact, by the time we checked into our second hotel, we had driven over 1700 kilometers. We stopped at some beaches in Oregon and found more deserted beaches for awesome times. The water was insanely cold, we got a lot of fun pictures, and almost lost our travel companion in the ocean.

The cross into California was pretty low key, but we were excited anyway. We finally started seeing signs saying “San Francisco: This Way”, so we knew we were on the right track. Sure, we still had 360 miles to go – what of it? We’re on vacation! We stopped in Crescent City for a late lunch at Denny’s, then made our way down the Redwood Highway. We drove through a tree!

Finally, just after 8pm – almost 12 hours after leaving Reedsport – we caught a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was almost entirely fogged in, but we had to pay a toll so we figured it was the bridge. Also, it was orange. I’ll try to get some pictures tomorrow when we head out that way for exploring, but even though we haven’t actually yet SEEN the bridge, it was epic all the same.

Unfortunately, we ran into a problem when we got to our hotel. We were worried that parking would be hard to come by, but when we got there we realized there was NO parking whatsoever – the front desk says the hotel is a “no car” hotel (which wasn’t on their frickin’ website ANYWHERE), and the nearest lot was 3 blocks away. Well, fuck. I was stressing out huge over this, and it really fucking sucked. I drove us around the area for a bit, and we stopped to ask a few hotels what their rate was. Finally, I saw an ad in a small magazine I picked up in Crescent City that showed a hotel 2 blocks from our original destination for $49 a night. We checked it out, and success – they had a room, would honour the $49/night rate with a little shuffling (we have to change rooms tomorrow), and the first hotel would only charge us 1 night cancellation fee instead of the whole 4-night stay. Not perfect, but definitely better than the alternative.

I’m now attempting to upload 128MB worth of photos to Flickr at 2.1kb/s. Needless to say, it’s a little agonizing – I’ll edit this post when it’s done and add links to relevant words, but in the meantime, just go right to my Flickr stream and have a look around.

We’re planning on hitting Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “road trip: day two

  1. have fun at the rock! the audio tour is really quite fascinating. i guess we’ll find out if you or hubby are going to venture into D block isolation cells. i could not bring myself to do it.

    let me know how you like driving the “hills” of san francisco!

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