time to upgrade?

I want a Jeep.

I don’t particularly know WHY I want a Jeep; I just know that when I see them I go “ooh!” and there is coveting and daydreaming about going off on Jeepy adventures with the top off and various breezes blowing through my lady parts. Ed does not seem adverse to the idea, which is doing little to quell my urges. We could totally get a Jeep. It would be awesome.

With the exception of my Metro, I’ve never had a truly manly car. The Mazdabator is great, but it doesn’t really strike me as rugged and tough – if it was a person, it would get manicures and moisturize with expensive potions. Jeeps don’t get manicures; they’d say “it’s just a flesh wound” and continue swashbuckling their way through the swarthy jungle. I want in on this action. It is precisely the kind of adventure I want to have, swords and all. You can’t swashbuckle in a Mazda 3! Bring on a Jeep!

A Jeep would come with a free membership to the Cult of 4×4. I’ve lost most of my weekend friends to the Cult (of 4×4, not the Cult that sells sanctuary), but I’m not particularly interested in joining them. I figure there’s a lot you can do with a Jeep that doesn’t involve mud – in fact, I sort of see a Jeep as a dandy compromise between a useful vehicle and a fun convertible. As much as I’d love to have some sort of zippy little convertible sports car, it wouldn’t really be all that useful for day-to-day, non-adventure things. I refuse to be a two-car family again, as we don’t use the one car we DO have – so really, the only option is to get a Jeep.

A dark green one, with a soft top and roll bars and removable doors and maybe a little trailer hitch for the scooters.

There are valid arguments against the Jeep Lobby, though. For one, we’d have to sell the Mazdabator and I *love* the Mazdabator. We just paid it off, and I really like the extra $400+ a month we’re no longer making in car payments – that’s a lot of ale and whores. I’d probably fall out of a Jeep and break myself. I’d need to buy a ladder to get into it.

But still. Jeepy adventures! That’s awfully enticing.

Last night we went BALLS OUT for Ed’s birthday dinner, dining en masse at Joe Forte’s. I had the Surf n’ Turf (with extra surf), and it was soooooo good – probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had. It was a spendy evening out, but it was a birthday dinner and Ed enjoyed it and that’s all that matters. Plus, I had scallops and they were enormous and delicious. Hooray!

Should we get a Jeep?

9 thoughts on “time to upgrade?

  1. Hmmm. My sister had a jeap and she loveded it. Of course, it requires you to drive standard – and the extra fuel is pricey. :(
    But fun^fun!

    • I am ALL MAN – I only drive stick; can’t stand automatic :) Fuel is expensive, but we pay for gas in the Mazdabator anyway – our main method of transport will still be the scooters; the Jeep would just be for errands requiring a car and also Jeepy adventures!

  2. @clamb: There are automatic Jeeps out there. But those are totally useless.

    I say GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!! Partially because Jeeps are awesome ( especially during the summer when you can have topless fun ), and partially because I miss mine.

    • I am pretty much the last person on the planet who would drive a Hummer, much less own one :) Admitting out loud that I want a Jeep is a pretty big step for me, but I am finally able to acknowledge that sometimes, people just plain need big cars.

      If I could have *any* car though no string attached, it’d be a convertible Mini – sort of the opposite of a Jeep. The Jeep would be a compromise, is all!

  3. When I was shopping around (in February) for my new car it came down to a Jeep or Subaru Forester. The deciding factor was who knows how much longer GM will be in business and that pushed me to the 2009 Forester (and the all-wheel drive for the zany New England winters) and I couldn’t be happier.

  4. Jeep is a Chrysler, not GM. Are they still in business? Either way, right now would be a great time to buy a Jeep as they are practically giving them away, the company’s not going to vanish, interest rates are stupid low (like, zero percent), and no matter what happens to the parent company, you’ll still have your Jeep! DO IT!

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