omg wtf bbq

I am officially ready for summer.

Ed and I went to Canadian Tire on Monday to pick up, among other things, two enormous box fans and a small BBQ. The fans were desperately needed to keep air moving in our apartment – it’s not even technically summer yet, but the cats have been lying around all limp and pathetic. We put one giant fan in the bedroom on suck and the other in the living room on blow, and thus created some delightful air flow. It be breezy, yo. Now, if I could just stop the ceiling fan from throwing me into fits of vertigo, I will be one cool vertical cat.

Building the BBQ, small though it may be, was surprisingly difficult. I’ve never actually assembled one before, or cooked with propane – in fact, I am a BBQ newb. Josh is usually on meat duty when the situation calls for it, but he’s away a lot and I really, really enjoy grilled meat so I figured it was time we got our OWN BBQ so I could have wieners whenever the urge hit me. We had some leftover parts, but it LOOKS like a BBQ – we just need to test it to make sure it won’t explode when we stuff it full of meat. If we survive, then it’s grillin’ time – we did groceries last night and picked up many delicious meats and spices. I can’t wait. Perhaps we will fire it up tonight to make sure we don’t die, and then eat some wieners.

I drew up a Trade Agreement this morning, and sent it to Ed: in exchange for my making a fancy tilapia dinner, washing the dishes AND dropping off the laundry tonight, he will give Oscar an oil change. I’m incredibly paranoid when it comes to things that could harm my scooter, and since yesterday afternoon Oscar’s been making some weird noises. I thought perhaps he had been knocked over, but there’s no visible damage .. yet something is rattling, and it’s freaking me out. Also, when we checked last night to see how much oil is in the Inconvenient Oil Window, there was NONE. Or at least, none that we could see. If we’re planning on scooting to Victoria on Friday (which is still the plan for now), then I will probably need some oil. I am a mechanical dunce, so I will stay in the kitchen where I belong while the menfolk do complicated man things, and I will make a lovely dinner and (pay someone else to) do laundry and everything will be super.

Or else.

Lastly, this is what I would look like if I were dead and sporting a fancy mustache uploaded the wrong file:



THIS is what I would look like if I were dead and sporting a fancy mustache:

moustache rides: free

moustache rides: free

As you were, soldiers.

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