happy ending

I can’t always get what I want, but if Corporate Canada determines that I am telling the truth and decides to come through for me, I can get what I need.

I picked up my shiny new 32GB iPhone 3GS on Tuesday, thanks to the legwork done by the Office of the President of Rogers Canada. The phone itself is kind of glorious – I have so much free space I may have to start getting into horse porn just to fill it – but that’s really beside the point here, as the story is the HOW and not the WHAT.

As of last Wednesday, I had left matters in the hands of Rogers. I had passed along all the information I had, and they asked for several days to look into the matter and get back to me. We decided on Tuesday, and I attempted to forget about everything as to not get my hopes up. They were going to try to find the recording of my original conversation with the sales rep, and we would go from there.

On Tuesday morning, Rogers called to say they were going to find me a local dealer with stock so I could go and get it set up right away. I was mostly asleep when I received the call, so I stumbled through it and completely forgot to ask the important questions: why, how, and what will it cost me. I tackled the issues later that morning though, when they called back to say there was a 32GB phone waiting for me at the Apple store in Pacific Centre. This time I used my mouth words and asked how much it would be: the full price, or the new activation price? The answer was “$299”; the new contract price, which was not entirely unexpected. The real issue here was the $400 Early Termination Fee that I had been told didn’t exist – Rogers would let me come aboard the party train, but would Fido let me go without a fuss?

I’m happy to announce that the answer was “it’s all taken care of; you won’t have to pay the termination fee”. Hooray!

I don’t know the exact details, but if I had to guess I would surmise that they did eventually locate the conversation I had with JC and discovered that my story was the truth: I was calling to inquire about the “switch from Fido for free” clause, JC pressured me into signing up then and there, and he repeatedly told me that there would be no penalty for ending my Fido contract early. Strings were pulled, and the end result is my satisfaction – it took a little longer than usual, but I am a happy camper.

Major thanks to the guys I spoke with at Rogers for sorting this all out to the best possible conclusion, and also to the people behind the @RogersHelps Twitter account – they’re the ones who got me in touch with the Office of the President and ultimately made everything all better.

Hooray for persistence, patience and sweet, sweet release!


One thought on “happy ending

  1. Hurray! Congrats on your persistence. The squeaky wheel gets the grease! (I truly believe that)

    And props to Rogers for coming through on that. I’m really happy they did that for you.

    Woooo! Happy Canada Day, eh? ;)

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