the gift that keeps on giving

Ed and I didn’t really exchange birthday gifts this year – the San Francisco trip was our mutual present – but I cheated and got him some XBox Live points and he gave me a Chapters gift card. There wasn’t anything urgent in my Must Have book list, so I held onto the card for a while.

Today has been somewhat of a crappy day, so I thought maybe I would buy myself some books online to cheer myself up. I looked through the latest releases (nothing interesting), searched for new books on my favourite topics (I already own all the books on video games and scooters), and lastly looked to see if my favourite art book publisher had any exciting new offerings.

Oh, my.

yes please

yes please

.. this book, plus Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, is being packaged and sent to my house as we speak.


With laminated pages.

Thanks for the birthday present, Ed!

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