adventure ho

Off to Victoria! I’m fully prepared for today to be incredibly unpleasant, but the weather is supposed to clear up as of tonight – so the rest of my time there should be dry and sunny. I could take the car, but I know I’ll be kicking myself when I have to drive around on four wheels with the sun beating down on me. I’ll suck it up and take my chances with rain: I’ll dry, and there’s always a chance my wet pants will lead to even more hilarious tantrums.

I spent most of yesterday evening writing up postcards! The first batch is ready to be popped in the mail, and I’ll do some more tonight from my mom’s place. I still have so many more cards to send, so if you didn’t email me yesterday, get on it! I’ve gotten requests as far away as Australia and Taiwan, which is fantastic – international saucy postcards! I actually took some pictures of the pile about to be mailed, but I changed my mind about posting it – I want the cards to be a surprise, however minor. I’m having a lot of fun with this (hand cramps aside), so pass it on if you think other people might enjoy some random stranger mail.

Time to pack up Lola and get a move on. Next stop: Nanaimo! I’m taking the scenic route just because I can. Hooray for road trips!

Fingers crossed that I can get the internet working at my mom’s house, okay?

2 thoughts on “adventure ho

  1. I have crossed fingers, my love, but here’s the thing: we’re talking about DSL. I would make sure they gave you some backup dialup, or a free pass to Starbucks! <3

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