i heart gama-go

I rarely gush about things (shut up), but I have to give some mad love to Gama-Go.

While Ed and I were in San Francisco in May, one of the more extravagant purchases I made was this bag. We had already agreed that we (ie: me) were not going to go crazy with the spending on our trip, and also that we would forego our annual ridiculous birthday gift exchange. For the most part, I behaved myself admirably – even Ed agreed that I didn’t blow wad after wad on awesome things (as I am so very often wont to do).

Still, I really wanted this bag. It was a little more than I usually spend on my army of messenger bags, but when would I be in San Francisco again? I love Gama-Go products, and this was a gorgeous bag that would go perfectly with my Gama-Go wallet. I bought it and giggled to myself (I love messenger bags, okay) even as Ed rolled his eyes at me.

Unfortunately, after using the bag for about a month, I noticed that a large hole had formed in the body of the bag where the strap is attached. The material was disintegrating, causing the fabric to fray and the hole to get bigger with every movement. I was very sad. I hadn’t abused the bag at all, and now it was unusable – not even my sub-par but effective sewing skills could weave nylon back together.

I was so very sad about it that I did something I never do – I emailed the company to tell them. I wasn’t really expecting anything to come of it, as I’ve had pretty lousy luck with customer service lately (midtownshoes.com, I’m looking at you and you still suck). Still, I dashed off a heartfelt letter – I was a big fan, I have tons of Gama-Go stuff (true story: both Oscar and Lola are decked out in Gama-Go stickers in additional to my standard adventure wallet), but my bag is very broken and I am a sad girl.

Later that same day, I actually received a reply! Simon apologized for the bag and said he would send me a replacement! I did a little dance and sent him my info. In all honesty, I still wasn’t expecting anything but I was glad that someone had actually answered my email – I have low expectations, apparently.

That was on July 3rd. Today, our receptionist messaged me – there was a package waiting for me at the front desk. I impatiently waited out my conference call, then ran to get my mail. Inside the large white box: a replacement Pomegranate Palisade Go-Right, just as promised. YAY! THANK YOU, GAMA-GO! I loved you before, but now you have a true devotee for LIFE!

Hooray for happy endings!

3 thoughts on “i heart gama-go

  1. HI there.
    I was going to buy some killer Docs for my daughter from Midtownshoes.com
    but not sure if they’re legit.
    what was your experience?
    BTW, doc marten isn’t making kids boots anymore!

    • It’s a toss up, really – I had a terrible time with them, but my friend Shan had much better luck. In either case, there was absolutely ZERO communication on their part – after more than 5 weeks with no boots, they suddenly canceled my order and refunded my money with no explanation. I was not pleased!

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