1039 smoothed out apps

Now that I have far too much space available on my iPhone, I’ve been downloading everything in sight. At brunch on Sunday, Ali asked me for a list of my favourite apps because she hasn’t had the time to try a bunch out to find some good ones. I currently have 97 apps on my phone – down from 103; I removed some last night – and since I don’t have anything interesting or happy to talk about today, I thought I would list my favourites here in lieu of any depressing content.

I’ll even break them out into categories for you, because I don’t want to think (too much about what we should or shouldn’t do):

Camera Utilities

  • Camera Bag ($1.99): applies cool filters to pictures you’ve already taken and/or take new ones in different styles, emulating different toy and fancy camera types. Probably my #1 app; some of my favourite pictures have been run through the Lolo and Helga lenses in particular.
  • QuadCam ($1.99): (not yet working in 3.0) Lets you take 4 or 8 shots in rapid succession for a fun sequence – a close second to Camera Bag when it’s actually working
  • Auto Stitch ($1.99): creates panoramic photos by stitching images together – works pretty well, but the more images you stitch the smaller the output size
  • Meow Cam ($.99 – no longer available on iTunes Canada): For taking pictures of animals, small children or people with ADD; plays a series of sounds before taking the picture to get their attention

I am a Sensitive Artist:

  • TypeDrawing ($1.99): Very cool app. Choose your font, your text and your background, then draw – it’ll use your text as the pen, varying the size based on the speed of your swooping. It’s a little hard to explain, so check out the app in the store for sample images
  • SpinArt ($1.99): Drop paint onto a spinning canvas and watch it splatter!
  • Bebot ($1.99): A cute little robot makes sounds when you poke the screen – a neat little robo-synthesizer with a big variety of sounds and effects
  • ‘stachetastic ($1.99, or $2.99 for the Ultimate ‘stachetastic that includes mullets, 80’s hair, and a Douchebagifier): Add a glorious moustache to any picture. Change the style, colour, size, angle – anything you want, really. Makes for some awesome photo fun.

Fun Time Games

  • Flight Control ($0.99): This one is obvious because it is awesome
  • HarbourMaster ($0.99, on sale): Clearly trying to cash in on Flight Control’s popularity, but with boats and apparently pirates (I haven’t encountered any yet). Still good, even as a borrowed concept.
  • Must.Eat.Birds ($0.99): I downloaded this last night, and holy crap – it might be the most ridiculously hilarious game I’ve tried. Touted as “the world’s first ever picnic defense simulator”, it is absolutely worth the $0.99 – do yourself a favour and get this game now.
  • Ragdoll Blast ($1.99): A physics game in which you shoot a ragdoll to hit an increasingly complicated target
  • Shift ($0.99): A little platformer with a very cool twist – similar to Crush for the PSP (not the best reference because I’m probably the only person who played it), but much simpler and very cool
  • DoodleJump ($0.99): Cute little vertical platformer with neat sounds

Real Life

  • Evernote (free): Fantastic application for keeping notes and sharing information between multiple computers and your phone. It saves my ass in the States – I don’t have data roaming, so I will save directions or addresses in Evernote and recall them when I need them. Super awesome!
  • My Lists ($1.99): I love keeping lists.
  • Total ToDo ($0.99): Reminds me when I need to do something, because a list isn’t always enough
  • Grocery IQ ($0.99): I always seem to need Diet Coke
  • Traffic Canada ($1.99): I have traffic cameras on my usual routes bookmarked so I can see exactly why the Lions Gate Bridge traffic is backed up until next Tuesday. I also have the border crossings monitored, so I can choose the quickest route before I leave the house. Handy!

Staying Connected

  • Facebook (free)
  • TweetDeck (free): My current iPhone Twitter client; same as the PC/Mac version. Not completely stable, but does the trick well enough
  • Tumblr (free): Allows me to post to my oft-forgotten Tumblr blog
  • WordPress (free): Now that the bugs have been squashed, I find this application really useful for making quick posts on the road
  • IGN (free): The entire reason I bought an iPhone to begin with – I use it daily to check video game reviews. Settings allow you to choose which platforms you want to see, and the search function will look up old reviews. Very, very handy when I’m standing in EB and looking for something new to play.

So .. yeah. This isn’t a complete list of applications I use/d, but these are some of my favourites and why. What are some of yours?

6 thoughts on “1039 smoothed out apps

  1. A few of my faves (all free, because I am cheap):

    -Shazam (because while I can sing along, I don’t actually know who’s singing)
    -Open Table (a girl’s gotta eat!)
    -Seafood Watch (and know what fish not to order)
    -Check Please (then the girl, who is an arithmetic retard, has to tip)
    -I Can Has Cheezburger (LOLCats to go!)

  2. Some of mine not on your list:

    Shopper – I paid for it, so I dont know if there are better shopping apps out there (I got it for .99, not sure now).
    Geocaching – Hooks into geocaching.com and does all sorts of neat things ($9.99)
    Google – Google app for searching. Voice recognition is awesome (free)
    MyLite – Flashlight. (free)
    RC Physics – Fun to use on a plane to see the Gs you are pulling during turbulence (not sure how much)
    WhiteNoise – Noise generator for sleeping.
    Galcon – Most awesome game ever.
    BeefyBoar – My friend wrote it, so I have to plug it. (.99 cents, but it!)
    Wobble – For making wobbly boob pictures.

  3. Ragdoll Blaster is awesome. I was embarrassingly excited to see that the recent update included loads of new levels! And I love Flight Control – so addictive! I’ll have to download your other suggestions once I’ve listened to some more podcasts and cleared some room on my laughable 8GB phone.

  4. Kitty Camera
    Take a picture and basically it hello kittys it. I haven’t played around with it myself as I am cheap, but it looks so cute!

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