all good things must end

.. is a really stupid saying. WHY must the good things end? They are good things, so they should stick around longer. Clearly the good things are being appreciated by SOMEONE; shouldn’t that person or persons be entitled to all the good things the universe has to offer? It’s rude, really. Good things should NOT come to an end.

My free, secret, ultra safe (and ultra free) scooter parking at work is no more. I had a feeling this would happen – the more scooters that parked there, the more obvious we were. I had written permission from the building managers to do it, but now there are at least 4 of us who park there daily – and we’re getting in the way. Sometime this morning, signs went up saying scooters were no longer allowed to park there and would be towed. This sucks. I was really proud of my work building for this, because they were helping us be all environmentally friendly and super awesome and shit, but no more.

Now I have to find a new place to park. Ed’s been paying the $6 a day to park in the lot next door, or I could go back to the $84/m pass (neither option is very good; I *like* free parking). I might call the other, scarier lot to see if they offer discounted motorcycle parking. I’ve also been toying with the idea of getting a monthly parking pass, a real one – Ed and I could both park our scooters there, and when it was rainy and gross I could take the car. It’s just a matter of math, I guess:

$6/day @ 20 working days per month: $120 x 2 scooters: $240

$84/m scooter parking pass x 2 scooters: $168

2-zone transit pass: $99 x 2 people: $198 hahaha

Parking pass in the fancy building for 2 scooters on nice days; 1 car on crappy days: $230

The sketchy lot IS cheaper, which might be worth it if you aren’t too concerned with cement crumbling around you. I’ll call them tomorrow and do some more math. Hooray for math!

Stupid other scooters, ruining my good thing.

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