more bubbles please

After two straight days of soap boxing, I’m plain worn out.

It’s all for a good cause though, so I don’t mind. I know that my role in the Tim Hortons thing was ultimately tiny, but I do feel a spark of glee over the outcome – I helped! Just a little, but still! After 8.5 years, I’m finally being useful!

Sunday’s Bubble Bash was full of good times, and I’m now determined to find some sort of bubble machine for Lola. I had picked up a surprisingly phallic wand in preparation for Sunday, and even though the weather was not cooperating we stuck it out and blew bubbles until we ran out of soap. We actually started early, as we were done brunch by noon, and attracted the attention of a scary man in a homemade YouTube shirt asking us where the little kids were. He was creepy and he didn’t have sleeves. NO SLEEVES! He wanted to film people with bubbles, but had to settle for us even though we kept telling him a) the event didn’t start until 1pm and it was only 12:15, and b) I don’t think we said anything else to him because his comment about looking for children freaked me out.

So, we bubbled. We ran out of soap around 2pm, but the rest of the small crowd were still going strong. My bubble wand made excellent enormous bubbles, and we all took turns entertaining each other and small grubby children with our efforts. We eventually retreated to the safety of the trees when the small children started to get grabby – one boy in particular felt entitled to our bubble toys, and it’s difficult to say “no” in that situation without looking like a jerk (so I usually ignore them). Eventually the small child was distracted by someone else’s belongings, and we ran away.

Okay, I actually found the video that was shot that day. It’s about as creepy as I expected. I’m glad to see that none of us actually appear in it, because I don’t particularly want to be an unwilling part of someone else’s YouTube career. I also don’t care for the overall shots that were obviously taken from behind a tree – CREEPY! Don’t like it.

I had fun though, and I think we need to play with bubbles more in the future. I’m thinking about trying to gather some friends and hitting the park one sunny day for fun and bubble blowing – there’s something just so silly and awesome about it all.

And I really do need a bubble machine for my scooter.

shan makes big bubbles!

shan makes big bubbles!

cait does it elegantly

cait does it elegantly



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