our prices are insane ane ane

My Friday has thus far been a comedy of errors, but I won’t let it get me down. The week is over in less than 6 hours, it’s payday, tomorrow there will be zombies, and I am awash with green glitter. So what if sometimes my job makes me want to hurl myself out of our 16th floor windows in the hopes that I land on certain people? Life’s too short to daydream about strangling others, however satisfying it might be.

I posted my various goods on Craigslist last night at reduced prices. As much as I enjoy my massive collection of electronic things that go beep and buzz, even I think it’s getting a little out of hand (and also I need the money to pay for the things that hold my other things that go beep and buzz). I wasn’t expecting the iPhone to be such a hot item, though – within 5 minutes of posting my 8GB 3G, I had 12 emails from people willing to drive to my house that second to give me cash. Flattering, but I contacted the first person to get through to my inbox and we did the deal this morning. I sold it for $250, which I think is a very fair price for the 8GB phone in near-perfect condition (and also I undercut most of the other postings by $25 or so).

So far, I’ve received three requests to ship my EEE PC to Nigeria, at which point the buyer will give me double what I’m asking for. What a great deal! It’s almost better than the 2 size 40 wool suits I almost got last time! This could only be more legitimate if the offer was coming from the very Prince of Nigeria himself! Clearly this may be my only chance to sell, so I should start packing the boxes right away while I wait for the Western Union account numbers.

If anyone isn’t in Nigeria and is interested, my netbook is still for sale. I lowered the price to $250; the name of the game is “get rid of things”, not “make epic profit”.

I have to go cause some trouble now. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “our prices are insane ane ane

  1. Kimli, I think my husband might well want your EEE PC. He’s been looking for something like it, anyways!

    He’s already off dipping his stick into Campbell River, but I’ll show him this post as soon as he gets home sometime this afternoon!

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