cross sections of society

It was a weekend of incredible contrasts, and by the end of it all I was more than a little worn out and falling over myself with enthusiastic yet complicated ideas.

Saturday was, of course, the day of the Zombie Walk. Shan and I gored ourselves up and went to hang with the Thrill the World group to dance and hopefully get other people to join us in the fall. We left the house at 1pm with Ed in tow, and made our way downtown to meet up at the Art Gallery.

As soon as we got downtown, we realized that the day was not going to go off without a hitch. For starters, it appeared that no one had bothered to check the VAG ground schedule – the zombies were to meet up on the north side of the gallery, which is a small park with a fountain and other assorted open spaces. Groups often gather there for all kinds of things – flash mobs, 420, annoying bicycle-related protests, etc. The grounds are also used for official events, such as pre-2010 celebrations, the National Aboriginal Day Festival in June, and the Canadian Islamic Cultural Expo.

Which was held on August 15th.

At the Art Gallery.

Where the zombies were to meet.

I don’t think “culture shock” is an accurate enough term to cover what was happening that day. So very many startled Islams (Islami? Islamics? Islamites?), and scores upon scores of confused undead. The TTW group was to meet on the east side of the gallery, so we were front and center to watch the two groups accidentally mingle. It was hilarious and so fucking weird and I really hope we didn’t offend anyone – I did see some couples in full Islamic dress having their pictures taken with some of the zombies, so maybe my fears are unfounded. At any rate, the zombies quickly changed their plans to meet at the south side of the Gallery and things proceeded as scheduled.

The Thriller dance was done three or four times to large and appreciative audiences. I got some great pictures, as did my wonderful volunteer photographers. I created a Thrill the World Vancouver 2009 group on Flickr for a communal picture dump, so if you happened to be there, please add your goods thataway. We generated a lot of interest, mostly due to the two adorable undead moppets we had dancing with us – curse their undead genes!

Sunday’s activities were just as jumbled – instead of Vancouver’s Islamic community mingling with hordes of the undead, we had the Show n’ Shine (large community motorcycle show) and a Farmer’s Market occupying the same space in Gastown. Huge choppers and Harleys and crazy street bikes and burly bikers mixed with fancy organic vegetables and hippie ethics makes for a lot of hilarity, and we explored it all before enjoying an early dinner at La Casita. We parked our scooters in with all the huge motorcycles, and I loved watching people do double takes and point at Lola’s rainbow leg warmers.

It’s good to have Josh back. We tried to ease him back into civilization by plunking him into a street festival crowded with people (but also motorcycles) and he seemed to do okay. He’s writing up the epic tale of his adventure, and I’m really looking forward to reading it and seeing his pictures. He’s already talking the rest of us into road trips to Alaska, and I’m game. I like adventure (as long as I can have a hot shower in the morning).

I’m planning a Fun Thing, tentatively scheduled for August 30th – watch your Facebook/email for invites!

faster? no. cooler? hell yes.

faster? no. cooler? hell yes.

4 thoughts on “cross sections of society

  1. Good grief! That is an Action Packed Weekend Of Fun.

    And if you *do* decide on an Alaskan road adventure keep me in the loop. I like random adventurey goodness. :)

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