do you like me yes/no/maybe

I’m dicking around with Facebook Pages, and I think I’ve created a page for my page (how meta!). I’m trying to create a fan page for Delicious Juice Dot Com that will import my posts here onto Facebook for easy readin’, and also boost my ego so I can say “look mom, I did something with my life – I totally have fans”. If you’re on Facebook and you like me and my silly words, can you click this thing and be a fan? I think if I get 100 fans I get an extra life or my own URL or something. I’m not actually sure. The help is less than helpful.

It’s a cold and gray kind of Friday, but I have sparkly purple eyeshadow named “Fairy Princess” and a bountiful bosom. I’m getting a free meal later today – the Router Project from Hell is OVER and we’re celebrating with crustaceans – and earlier I got called “brash and uncompromising” which is a polite way to say that I am completely inappropriate, and I like it.

In fact, I ordered (free) business cards that say “unapologetically inappropriate” on the bottom. I think that’s even BETTER than being an Internet Superstar.

Hey, rambling.

Be my fan! I don’t cause fan death or anything!

Actually, I suppose a little honesty is in order. I’m trying to convince a community website to bring me on as an official writer, and having a fan page could only help my cause. This is sort of a positive side effect of it; I really built the fan page because I didn’t want to document this process I’m working on – but if it’ll help me be declared official, that would be super. I like to write. You may not know this about me, but it’s true.

Besides, I would totally be a fan of you if you had a fan page.

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