voltron and roll out

If ever I thought browsing through eBay was a bad idea, Etsy takes that bad idea and pumps it full of puppies and candy then shotguns a can of Red Bull and wraps everything up in a green and purple paisley print and sticks it in my back pocket for later consumption like some kind of shrimp sandwich for secret eating from Ikea on a day when the meatballs are looking scaly and the lady in the hairnet is skimping on the dingleberries.

Wait, what was I talking about?

Right, Etsy.

I use Etsy a lot. I’ve purchased awesome custom-made clothing, jewellery, art, crafting utensils – you name it, and someone on Etsy is selling it beautifully made and unique. Sometimes I get bored and look around for random keywords, and end up buying fantastic things I didn’t know existed. Just yesterday I had a craving for pretty little briolettes in happy colours, so I hunted around and bought myself two necklaces full of glee and pretty pretty beads. Hooray!

A while ago, I had an idea to search for Transformer items on Etsy. I found a lot of t-shirts (yawn) and some strange pillowcases, and the most amazing little cartoon prints done by Dave Perillo. They arrived a little while ago, and I immediately framed and hung them above my desk:

love, love, love the trucker hat

love, love, love the trucker hat

Check out Dave’s blog; it’s full of awesome things that he ought to make available in his Etsy store so I can buy them (this is a hint; I’m hoping he is wise in the ways of Google-Fu and finds this post).

When I got the prints in the mail, I squealed and did a little dance. Not only are the prints SUPER FRIGGIN COOL, but he also sent me a bonus: a wee print of Voltron, done in the same style! Heeee! Extra things are awesome!

This is where you come in. If I ever were to be a full-disclosure kind of person (because I have so many secrets I haven’t written about, being as private as I am and all), I would have to admit that I am not a Voltron fan. I never watched Voltron (there was no room in my heart for additional robots), and was never into it at all. In fact, if the print didn’t have “Voltron” writen on the bottom, I wouldn’t have known what it was. What can I say – I’m a one-robot-race kind of girl, and my loyalties ring strong and true.

The Voltron drawing IS awesome though, and it deserves to be displayed and adored by someone who will truly appreciate it. With this in mind, I will give Dave’s Voltron print and a box full of random things of my choosing (and if you’ve ever actually met me or seen my desk, you will know that I am the QUEEN OF RANDOM – there’s no telling what you might end up with) to one hapless lucky person. Free things! AWESOME things! What do you have to lose?

On Wednesday the 26th, I will draw a random person to receive the official Delicious Juice Dot Com Box o’ Love. There’s a catch, though: you have to be a fan of Delicious Juice Dot Com on Facebook to be entered in the drawing. Pretend you like me, and win neat things. Yes, it’s bribery – but bribery takes two, people. Help me out here.

when im rich and famous, im going to buy every blindbox toy in the world

when i'm rich and famous, i'm going to buy every blindbox toy in the world


6 thoughts on “voltron and roll out

  1. omg! I am a random etsy shopper too. My favorite being a little donkey pendant necklace, that I like to wear when co-workers are being asses.

    Off to become a fan- so I can win your delicious prizes.

  2. I was a fan of you on facebook before it was cool. ie since earlier this week. Yay Random! I hope I win! mmmmm Ikea meatballs sans scales.

  3. I should get the goods because I’m sad and live far away from you now. Pity win FTW!

    Also, there are quite a few people pissed off at me for telling them about Etsy. I pretend to be sorry about that.

  4. I once paid actual money for a Voltron VHS movie. I don’t think I ever finished watching it, though, because it was ludicrously bad in a way that even other early anime import saturday morning shows couldn’t even dream of.

  5. I became a fan long before it was possible to do so on facebook but I’ve done the facebook thing as well. You’re family somehow; maybe I was your uncle in another life or something. I take for granted that everything you think, say and do is just fine and anyone who disagrees is obviously mistaken. Of course Voltron and those transformer thingies are of no particular interest to me. When my daughter was four we watched the Drac Pack together every Saturday morning. Now there’s some artwork I could get into. Especially Toad, with the Peter-Lorre voice. He was the quintessential evil minion. What an exemplary not-so-badass Bufonidae.

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