so edgy

I’m a force to be reckoned with – when I’m so frustrated I want to punch babies, I DRAW ANGRY FACES ON THE WHITEBOARD.

Oh yeah.

Bitches better step off ‘fore I bust out the whole damn pack of markers. I be drawin’ angry faces in multiple colours all up in their bidness, punk.

It’s Offensive Tuesday, in which I am offensive many times before 9am. A sample:

Jim says:
got a call for a job interview. Ready to jump this ship I think.
so yknow, pray and whatnot.
Kimli says:
you know me and jesus
we’re like this: 8=====D~~~~~ ( . Y . )

Yeah. Ascii dicks and blasphemy go really well with my slab of breakfast sausage.

OH I think I’ve just found a new title for my autobiography! Ascii Dicks and Blasphemy: The Story of Kimli

You’d read that, wouldn’t you?

I’m rambling to myself (and therefore the entire internet) because I do not want to get started on my enormous pile of work. Yesterday was a craptastic shit storm of a day, and today is forecasted to be about the same. There were heated emotions and the aforementioned whiteboard graffiti. DOOM!

Well, time to send out an email that will undoubtedly be ill-received.

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