i’m gonna learn how to fly

It’s funny. Of all the things I COULD be famous for – blogging, casting, my loose relationship with gravity, public indecency, my vagina, righteous indignation – I find that I am, in actuality, famous for ice.

I woke up in an extreme funk this morning. I slept poorly and late, my feet have been hurting non-stop for days, I’m stuck on a puzzle in Professor Layton, and everything just sucks. I tried to jazz up the funk a little with sparkly blue and Texan hair, but I just feel silly instead of fabulous and it’s not doing anything to improve my mood at all.

I was almost to work when I realized I didn’t have any cash on me, meaning I’d have to go without breakfast (doable) and Diet Coke (absolutely not doable) until I could get out of the office (rarely doable). At the last minute I decided to stop at the Chevron on Georgia to use the ATM and also get my morning fix of the good stuff. I knew this gas station had both Diet Coke and an ice dispenser, because it was the nearest source of ice from my last Space Station – I used to be a fixture in there, buying drinks and filling my enormous cup with ice several times a day.

As soon as I opened the door, I almost fell over in shock – I was greeted with some serious enthusiasm and mild scolding for not being around for the last two years. The Pump Guy and Counter Girl that work the morning shift were always super friendly, and they remembered me for both my scooter and my Diet Coke/ice cube habit. There’s something very nice about being warmly remembered and missed, even for something as silly as that. It completely lifted my spirits. It’s awesome being famous, even if my 15 minutes is doled out in 2-second increments.

Today is the day I’ll be picking a winner for the Delicious Juice Box o’ Fun! I’ll be doing a random draw at 1pm – the only time I’m free, according to my calendar – so you have until then to become a fan of Delicious Juice Dot Com on Facebook. I’m hoping to make this a recurring thing, because I love sending random presents to people. This month’s Box o’ Fun has some pretty silly things in addition to the awesome Voltron print, and I sort of have a plan for next month’s Box already. FUN! It’s like postcards, only three dimensional!

Okay, off to my next meeting.

2 thoughts on “i’m gonna learn how to fly

  1. My husband was famously known as “No Jam Man” at the cafe where he frequently breakfasted, and regularly refused jam. It’s like, “Norm!” But yes, less personal.

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