ready to blow

I am incredibly excited about today’s Bubble Picnic. I don’t care if no one else shows up (although who will eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?); I am fully prepared to fill the West End with colourful, awesome bubbles by myself:

i may have gone overboard

i may have gone overboard

FUN! The picnic is pretty much an open invitation: If you’re in the GVA and have sleeves, you are welcome to stop by and blow. Look for the scooters in the parking lot and the short round girl giggling under all the bubbles: that’ll be me.

It’s going to be a busy day, which’ll be a nice contrast to yesterday’s pile of nothing. Shan and I are off to see RENT tonight – yes, again – for our third viewing. Tonight’s show is the closing performance, so we’ll have seen the opening night – a show in the middle – and the last performance. What can I say? I love RENT, and the Vancouver show has been wonderful. I think I’ve managed to convince a fair number of people to go see it both here and on Twitter, too. Hooray!

I’m off to make some sandwiches now! PB&J is excellent bubble eatin’.

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