pax post 1

The border crossing was nowhere near as bad as I had feared, but if we arrived any later we would have been in a world of trouble. As it was, we were in line for 30 minutes before we crossed into the US at 4:30pm.

I had to pee and we were both hungry, so we made a quick stop at my beloved Bellingham Target. I finally found a stand-alone DSi charger, and bought a bag full of paisley clothing to try on later and hope for the best. We piled back into the Mazdabator after a quick snack, and were southbound once more.

I’m so anal retentive when it comes to packing that I rarely forget things, but this time I did make one small mistake – I forgot to sync Evernote before I left the country. As a result, I had no access to any of the addresses or maps I had stored in preparation for the trip. We drove around Tulalip for a while trying to steal wifi, but eventually gave up and hoped my memory and super human sense of direction would prevail. It did – I was able to guide us to our location by simply guessing. We made it to the convention hall just before 8pm.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do much tonight, but I had two goals: get our badges so we could avoid the morning crush, and participate in an attempt to break a world record. I’m happy to say I was successful in both endeavors – getting our badges took all of 2 minutes, and we made it to the hall just in time to participate in the new world record of most people playing the Nintendo DS in one location. Hah!

After that, we made our way back to the car and headed towards Ali’s place. I hope to head out early tomorrow – my clothes are laid out (no pants, so dressing will be a breeze) and I have a cold date with a giant Jamba Juice first thing in the morning.

Strangely enough, the thing I’m most looking forward to is taking pictures.

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