illicit mushrooms

I’m illicit!

More than usual, even!

Now that some decent games are finally being released for the DS after almost 9 months of horrible offerings, my pre-orders are starting to come in. Last week while I was sick I received a call from my favourite EB, telling me my copy of Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story was in and I could pick it up any time. Hooray! I called Ed and asked if he would do the honours, as I was feverish and housebound. I texted him a permission slip (EB takes pre-orders seriously it seems and has given Ed shit for picking up my stuff in the past) and he grabbed the game for me that night.

I’ve been playing it for the last few days, and it’s pretty cool. I’m enjoying it more than I did Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, even though the story makes about as much sense – it’s cute and engaging, and almost exactly what I needed to pass the time while sick.

Yesterday I was determined to leave the house for a while, as I hadn’t been further than the sidewalk since Tuesday. We didn’t do anything exciting – went to the mall so I could buy a new keyboard and some packaging material, and I traded in a few games (4 crappy/finished DS titles) for a copy of Little Big Planet (for the PS3 I don’t have yet). I got to talking about upcoming DS titles with the guy behind the counter (known as Band Guy, because he’s in a band) and he mentioned that he was looking forward to the Mario and Luigi RPG and Scribblenauts. I expressed confusion, because the M&L is already out – I have it. I’m pretty sure I didn’t hallucinate it like I did everything else.

Turns out that Nintendo pushed the street date back by a couple days but the store didn’t find out until the next morning – AFTER they had sold one copy. That one copy sold was to Ed, and for the time being, I’m the only person who has the game. Do you want to touch me? It’s okay; you can touch me.

This means I can get in many hours of M&L:BIS before I get my sweaty little hands on Scribblenauts on Wednesday (launches tomorrow; we’re always a day late up here). Also, there is a rooster hat involved. I will be beyond disappointed if I do not get my rooster hat.


No, I am not better yet.

4 thoughts on “illicit mushrooms

  1. do you still have your Diabolical Box? if you do, i’d love to borrow it. hell, i’ll even rent it to you. want some rat poison? that’s what they’re giving me to keep me alive right now. i’ve got lots and can get lots more. i’m thinking you could slip some into Drunk Betty’s drinks and if she falls down, she’ll just bleed to death and leave you alone forevermore.

  2. Why are you not better yet? Get better now. I demand it.

    omg omg omg it’s the new Mario & Luigi RPG! I played the last two and absolutely adore it to pieces. Ima get my hands on the new stuff pronto. Scribblenauts seems fun but Drawn to Life was just a-ok in my books.

    Also you know what’s really weird? I have a copy of Little Big Planet and no PS3 too.

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