I’ve never attempted to immigrate to another country before, but if someone could tell me how to move to Portland, that would be super.

I LOVE it here. It feels like a hip, funky version of home. I’m as Canadian as they come, but I would drop almost everything to be able to live and work in Portland.

Our hotel is amazing. We’ve found ourselves in the Suite of Kings – there’re two TVs! Wacky. Without knowing, I booked us into the uber trendy part of town, right on the street car line. Today we took it to the Pearl District and walked in a random direction. Evidently we picked a good way to walk, because we’ve had pizza at Old Town Pizza, donuts at Voodoo, coffee at Stumptown, wandered through the Saturday Market, and Ed had to use a crowbar to pry me out of Powell’s Books. We’ve only been outside for 4 hours, but we’ve seen so much and it is all awesome.

I want to move here. Portland needs technical writers, right?

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