bad ideas

Things that are a bad idea:

  • A bigger-looking guy (think of your health!)
  • Riding a Honda Jazz (that scooter is too small for you!)
  • That was rented from BC Cycles (their scooters are notoriously poorly maintained!)
  • With a passenger (those are 1-person scooters!)
  • Heading north over the Lions Gate Bridge (you’ll be slow!)
  • During rush hour (everyone else will be fast!)
  • When it’s down to one lane (oh god no!)

.. everything on that list would otherwise be okay – maybe not the best idea, but okay – if the passenger wasn’t there. The Jazz is a 1-person bike, let alone 1 big guy and another body. They’ll be lucky to get 30km/h out of the scooter, and they’re (probably) scooter newbies, and they’re going against traffic (cars won’t be able to safely get around them) on a 3-lane bridge. Bad! I hope they’ll be okay.

Things are changing. I am trying to be upbeat about it because it’s no fun being sad when everyone else is excited, but sometimes it is tough. I will wax poetic later – I’m in training – but I have MANY THINGS TO SAY. I know, I know – you can’t wait.

Oh, one more thing that is a bad idea: answering a friend’s IM message about birth control while at work, in a training session, while your screen is currently being projected on the wall for everyone to see.


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