hostile witness

This radio “silence” (Kimli-style; it means I’ve gone more than 12 hours without updating) is really bothering me, and I apologize – I’ve been insanely busy at work and haven’t been able to take even the ten minutes I usually set aside to write my deep, meaningful updates. As a result, you get crappy little posts like this one, where I apologize for not being entertaining or useful or coherent. They promise me that all this will end eventually and I’ll get my mornings back – but until then, you will have to bare with me as I struggle to train the universe on complicated procedures for no fun and minimal profit.

I hate not writing (other than to write about how I can’t write). It makes me worry that I’ll lose all seven of my readers because I skipped an update. You won’t leave me, will you?

If it helps you stay, there is a picture of my boobs under the cut.



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