oh my

Inappropriate thoughts for a Friday morning:

The guy in the elevator with me had an ENORMOUS package. It was huge. I couldn’t stop taking sidelong glances at it and wondering what he was packing in there. He was a fairly skinny guy with no ass but well-fitting jeans, and his junk made a large and extremely noticeable bulge. I even moved around the elevator a little to look at it from a different angle, and it was just very big all over. I may have had to fan myself. I wanted to congratulate him, but that may have been awkward.

Man, that was a big package. gg, guy who works on the 22nd floor in my building and I think might be named Carlos.

8 thoughts on “oh my

  1. I just took the workplace harassment refresher course, and I think making statements like that, no matter how complimentary, could be trouble. I suggest sending emails from a gmail account specifically set up for this purpose instead, maybe from packageluvr@gmail.com or something. Then he will get the added layer of mystery too.

  2. Makes me long for the 1978 disco-era Toronto where all the hunky young Italians wore tight fitting jeans that had no pockets on the front and had those slightly faded patches that left little to the imagination.

    Part of me knows that’s wrong.

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