It’s crazy around these parts lately; so much so that the usual tabs I keep on my people are wildly out of sync. Why, I couldn’t even tell you what everyone has planned for the next three weekends. It’s a travesty.

Houses are being bought, and it’s terribly exciting. Ed and I are behind the times, but we’re catching up – the decision to seriously look into buying a place has been made, and baby steps have been taken. I don’t even know if you could call them baby steps anymore; we have a pre-approval for a laughable enormous number and could technically buy something we can’t afford as early as tomorrow.

We won’t, though. We are taking it slow and easy. There’s no deadline – crime on our street isn’t suddenly going to get worse by a certain date, forcing our hand – so we’ll see what’s out there and find a home that’s perfect for us (much like the one we saw yesterday that was perfect, unavailable, and several tens of thousands out of our comfort price range – seriously, why are you even showing it).

Ed and I are surprisingly calm about all of this. Money is probably the biggest beef we have between us (not including his penis), but we aren’t stressing out about the numbers. I crunched them but good one morning, and found that we spend an awful lot of money on nothing – we could easily move some of what we spend on ale and whores each month into the scary mortgage column and still be too sore to walk in the morning.

It’s all very proper and grown up and hilarious. I’m looking forward to finding a new home, though. We love North Vancouver and want to stay here, and I’m exploring the deliciousness of possibly having multiple floors. I can’t help but be a little sad when I think that we won’t be living so close to Josh and Shan anymore – it’ll be hard to beat one floor away – but we will now have to make an effort to hang out. Still, I’m only half joking when I ask them to keep an eye out for any vacancies in their new building. Who else am I going to feed when I make too much food, or go to for wardrobe advice when I haven’t got the foggiest idea what would pass as appropriate?

Buying houses is serious business, but all I can think about is bright green paint.

4 thoughts on “whirlwind

  1. Why not think about bright green paint? We bought our house spent 5 years really thinking about what needed changing, then painted the house cobalt blue with screaming green doors. I own it, I’m going to paint it whatever colour I want. ;)

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