don’t squeeze too hard

I’m a big fan of tag lines, and since the dawn of time I’ve been using “squeeze my head for delicious juice” – it was my thing long before the blog or the URL or the big-budget porn flick. I’m a particularly juicy individual, so the line fits me well. People have been squeezing my head for some time now, and I’m okay with that – better my head than my boobs (at least until I know you better).

I have an affinity for juice-related things because they remind me of my website. Silly or not, it’s led me to some pretty cool things, like this:

noooooo orange boy

noooooo orange boy

I bought the print a couple weeks ago from my favourite online store, and it arrived yesterday. It is AWESOME. I’m going to frame it this weekend and hang it above my desk – it’ll look awesome with the Penny Arcade print and the scooter painting Cynthia did.

I feel so grown-up. I have ART! Fancy!

Speaking of ART – I’ll be at FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery tonight, hanging with the zombies. I’m only an emergency  dancer tonight – I’m really there to take pictures – but the TTW folks will be throughout the evening. It’s good practice, because tomorrow is the big day: Thrill the World is happening at 5:30 in Yaletown (Roundhouse Community Center), so you should come check out one or the other – or both!

Time to eat work-sanctioned pizza.

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