it all happened so fast

When Josh and Shan said they were buying a place, I was a little dismayed – it all happened so *fast*. I had no idea how they could have done it all so fast – the looking, the decision, the offer, the counter offer, the acceptance, the paperwork – surely this is a long, drawn out process and they were just rushing into things, right?

Ed and I saw a place on Friday at 5:30. Just over three hours later – 8:47pm, according to my outbox – we were emailing MJ with our intent to offer. Barely 18 hours after that, we were in a coffee shop in Park Royal with MJ, signing the necessary paperwork. 4 hours later – we had a counter offer. I emailed back our counter counter offer, and by 8:06 Saturday night we had an accepted offer on the unit. The seller’s paperwork was signed by 8am Sunday morning, and by noon we had initialed and dotted and crossed and now the waiting begins.

I absolutely understand how this could happen over a weekend.

I’m still a little shocked at it all. We’re doing the inspection on Wednesday, and assuming everything goes according to plan, all conditions will be lifted on Saturday and it’s a done deal. We’d be taking possession on December 12th, and spending the holidays in our very own home.

Holy shit.

If I may direct the attention away from my own shock and awe, I would like to toot the horn of Social Media: we used the same realtor and same mortgage broker that literally all our friends have, and they are completely awesome. We’re new to this entire process and didn’t have a clue how to go about it, but we followed the advice and recommendations of people we know and trust and it led us to MJ and Chris, who have made it seem far too easy to buy a home. They are super! I know “Social Media” is an extremely fancy way of saying “Word of Mouth”, but we DID set up most of our meetings via Twitter so that has to count for something.

MJ’s site is funny:


in order: miranda and reilly, josh and shan, and pending me and ed

12 thoughts on “it all happened so fast

  1. Those are some crazy chickens! Congratulations on everything. The pictures of the place are awesome! Let us know when you have a house warming. I’ve been having dreams about visiting you guys in Vancouver. :D

  2. hey, neat — you’re a block away from my office. Welcome to the ‘hood. Avoid the Subway at 10th & Commercial, it’s staffed by Total Assholes. The guys at Quiznos are awesome, though. :D

  3. Congrats, again, on spending all those chickens! :-) Welcome (all six of you!) to the wonderful world of Vancouver home ownership! :-)

    PS – I’ve decided to host our housewarming in January, since I didn’t want you guys to beat us to the punch – you know, we’ve *only* lived here for a year or so! *LOL*

    • Hah! We’re going to have to stretch them out, I think – too many housewarming parties in the middle of the holiday season will make life difficult for everyone. We may shoot for March; maybe a post-Olympic, Hooray for Spring housewarming party?

  4. Congratulations, I have read your blog for awhile, and felt bad for the crap you have to go through living where you are. Good luck and enjoy the experience.

  5. Congratulations! Wow, that does seem to have moved crazy fast, but I’m glad you were able to find what you wanted and be able to just get right into it.

    Here’s hoping the move goes painlessly and that the cats take to the new digs with grace and ease.

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