one more hurdle

The inspection passed with flying colours. Inspector Rick was awesome; he spent a goodly amount of time explaining things to us and pointing out things we should have looked at (one baseboard heater doesn’t work, there’s a tiny crack in a shower tile, the gas fireplace needs servicing). That’s a huge relief, and one thing checked off our list. Yay! We are cleared for landing! There are some things with the building that will come up in the next five years – the garage needs to be epoxy’d and the plumbing will need an assessment – but everything else is sound and great. He was particularly impressed with the amount of storage our suite, which we got a nice long look at – SO MUCH STORAGE! I’m also particularly stoked about the TWO CLOSETS in the bedroom – I get my own and Ed gets his and my delicates will never have to touch his stinky man clothes!

There’s just one last thing keeping us from full-on celebration: the mortgage financing. Even if the bank says no due to the partial rainscreening (look at me, talking like I have any idea what that means), MJ Realtor to the Stars has more than enough paperwork to back things up. I’m not particularly worried even if they DO say no, because the information we have should be good enough – but I do so love to worry. We should know soon, and if everything works out, conditions will be lifted on Saturday afternoon and we will spend Saturday evening getting drunk on a beach (the last time we will be able to afford such luxuries).

Then again, if things DON’T work out, we will spend Saturday evening getting drunk on a beach – but in sorrow, not celebration. Alcohol will be present. This is foretold.

We’re going to Tofino tomorrow afternoon with a full compliment of Peeps: M&R, J&S, Darren, and special guest Amanda. We were unable to go on last year’s trip because of Ed’s month-long insurance course, so this’ll be our first time – Ed’s never been to Tofino and I’ve only been once, a very long time ago. I’m excited for the trip! I better be, because it’s the last time I’m going anywhere for 30 years or so.

a close up of a very bad idea


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