okay okay

They’re not DEAD – I did see one of them yesterday – but either the police or our ineffective landlord got through to them, because they haven’t made a peep since last Monday. I kind of like it like this: eerie yet livable.

My karmic how-do-you-do for not particularly caring and/or joking about their apparently suicide pact came this afternoon, in the form of a piece of plaster falling on my head. Our ceiling is leaking again, and bubbles of wet are growing at an alarming rate. We’ve moved the couch (and found a lot of fun stuff in the process, including porn and long-lost trinkets) out of the way and will place an emergency bucket under the hole, but there isn’t a hell of a lot we can do except watch it get fixed – again – and hope that we’re not here for the start of NEXT year’s rainy season, when this’ll all start all over again.

The sky falling onto my head interrupted my afternoon plans of no-pants Mario playing, dagnabbit.


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