what’s in a name

I’m having trouble coming up with a name.

I name things: cars, pets, areas, homes. I like having a familiar name to refer to, such as The Ghetto of North Vancouver (our street) or the Mazdabator (the car). This habit tends to rub off on other people, and sometimes they name things too – Josh and Shan’s new place is The Mountain, and Miranda and Reilly’s place is The Loft. If we had gotten the place we ultimately had to walk away from, it would have been known as The Penthouse. Everything has a name.

.. except for the place we offered on last night.

Usually a name will leap out at me and be Made Official before we get to stage 2, but this time there are too many things to choose from and I am all aflutter with options. Help me out! Should it be:


Err, and if this post wasn’t clear enough, we signed offer papers last night. The place is brand new, so we’re buying from the developer and not a seller – this means that although conditions don’t come off until next Thursday, we’re pretty much the only ones who can stop it. Take that, CMHC. You shan’t crush my soul again!

We move in three weeks. HAHAH I guess I’m not on strike anymore.

9 thoughts on “what’s in a name

  1. Yaaay! I want details. :)

    And welcome to the land of Juliet-Balcony owners. I’ve managed to fit three people and a dog out there, I expect you to improve on that. :)

  2. Congrats! I have no name suggestions – until I see pictures. ;)

    Though, not sure if it fits, but The Black Pearl would be funny. ;) I’m sure Shan could give you TONNES of LOTR names. Even some crazy, Simarillion-obscure ones. ;)

  3. “The Habitat”, “Das Kapital”, “Rauncho Grande”, “Mi refugio”, “F**k Puppy Palace” (puppy palace for short), “The House of Blue Lights”, “Nuthaus”, “Knuthowse”, “Kitchen Little”. Hey, gimme more details and I’ll make more suggestions. :)

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