Well, shit. I was so busy this weekend that I completely forgot to update yesterday, meaning I fail at NaBloPoMo for the first time ever. I am thoroughly overflowing with remorse, although that may just be the tired: I am very, very tired.

I’m also starting to panic a little. Things won’t be officially official until we’ve signed a few more papers and handed over a large amount of money, and I keep having nightmares that everything falls through and we won’t get this place, either. Ed assures me that this won’t happen, but WHAT IF IT DOES. I’ll feel a lot better when conditions are lifted, even if that means that I’ll have less than three weeks to pack and organize the move.

I can’t let the possibility of (crushing, horrible) bad stop me from preparing, though, or I’d go insane. We grabbed a few boxes from Miranda and Reilly on Saturday, and so far I have two giant wardrobe boxes and one medium box done. We’ve ordered some packing crates from Frogbox, which we’ll supplement with stuff from M&R once they’ve unpacked – but the Frogboxes won’t come until the 7th and I need to be busy now or I’ll get overwhelmed and explode into chunks (which will then need to be packed into boxes).

November has been an exhausting month, and I’ll be glad when it’s over. We moved Miranda and Reilly on Saturday, so they’re in their new place now and it is awesome. Josh and Shan are all set up on the mountain, and that just leaves Ed and I. It’s a good thing there’s a three-weekend break before our move, because I think we’re all worn out and in need of some downtime before we do it all over again.

Plus, there are parties.

Hey, it’s the last day of November which means Ed can FINALLY shave off his moustache. There’s still today though, so feel free to donate to his Movember page – each dollar donated will be matched by his company, for double the cancer-fighting goodness. I had originally asked him to grow a moustache because I’ve never seen him with one, and now that I know, I can’t WAIT for it to go away. It makes him look even grumpier than normal, and I don’t like Grumpy Ed. I will do a dance while he shaves it off, and then I will pack a box.



hey look it's ed's moustache

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