1000exp and 2+ agility

My friends, I’ve been handed a challenge.

I need to get a document to my mother for her signature, and have it send back to me.

This is the year 2009. I should be able to email it to her, have her print it out, sign it, then scan it into a PDF and email it back to me, right?

As if it’s going to be that easy!

My mother doesn’t have a computer. I am not exaggerating when I say that I do not think she has ever touched a computer in her entire life. What would be a quick 10-minute task for most people has suddenly turned into a conundrum: how did we get documents back and forth before the internet?

I could fax it, I suppose – but to where would I fax it? My mom works in a bakery; one that does not fax cookies and cakes to hungry people. They don’t do catering or large orders, and I don’t think they have a fax machine. My mom’s lawyer retired – can’t send it there. She doesn’t go to any libraries or coffee shops or any place I can think of that might be useful for this. Short of mailing the thing to her, I don’t know how I can make this happen.

Maybe I could try forgery?

Nah, I’ll just mail it. This is a pain in the ass. I should be allowed to sign something on her behalf – after all, I have POWER OF ATTORNEY. Surely I can use it for something like this – or is it one of those things that sound totally awesome but are really kind of useless, like winning the lima bean lottery or a doctorate in ancient Klingon? Too bad. It sounds really cool, but what good is it when it comes to minor annoyances?

4 thoughts on “1000exp and 2+ agility

  1. I think you can sign it on her behalf, unless it’s one of those lame medical powers of attorney wherein you can only do stuff once she’s dead or at least no longer sane. Er, you know… not even sane enough to open a mailbox. THERE ARE LEVELS, oh yes.

    • I checked with Sexy Mortgage Man, and I *could* sign it – but then I’d have to prove that I have Power of Attorney, which just sounds like too damn much work. Honestly, I don’t know why the bank can’t just take my word for it – “Look, my mom was a terrible parent when I was growing up, and she’s been trying to make up for it for years. I used this to my advantage, and she gave me some money. what more proof do you need? do you want to know about my self-esteem and inability to eat garlic chili paste? DO YOU?!?”

  2. Courier it. Send it via courier, on a “next flight out” (if necessary) and leave instructions that the courier is to wait for her to sign it, put it back in the envelope and return it to you. Easy peasy. Bloody EXPENSIVE, but easy.

    Otherwise, if you have POA, (not to be confused with POS) then sign the damn thing and show the lawyer your POA.

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