at my limit

I’m practically vibrating with nerves and stress. Our final walkthrough is tomorrow morning at 10:30, then we get our keys and we start moving in. AHHHHHH! I’M NOT READY TO BE A GROWN UP!

We’re picking up a rental truck tonight, and relying on friends to help load it up. I figure we can do the majority of the move in two loads, so hopefully by tomorrow evening we’ll have 99% of our crap in the new place (which I am still calling Sparta despite Ed’s protests) and we can begin the settling. New living room furniture will be delivered on Sunday, I need a thousand things from Ikea, and I don’t know where the shower curtains are. AHHHH!

I am excited but nervous. Also, no pressure or anything, but I’m hosting a dozen people in our new digs for Christmas breakfast.


Anyone wanna help us move? There’s chicken in it for you!

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